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How to eat healthy in summer

One feels more thirsty and less hungry in summers but that does not mean we should not eat and give up eating healthy. Summer is a time when sun is at its maximum heat and its uneasy to go out and face in out of house. It is advisable to eat only freshly prepared food […]

How to get best results from Yoga? Follow these steps

Yoga is an ancient old practice and has proved itself in curing many complicated diseases along with providing inner peace to the soul. If done regularly and properly, Yoga can bring a lot of happiness and positive changes in one’s life. The craze of yoga has increased a lot in recent times, resulting more and […]

Popular Naturopathy Treatments

Naturopathy is not new but a very ancient old practice of our culture and the basic principal behind it very simple and logical that no medical practitioner can argue with and no one can have problem. Read: Five Principles of Naturopathy POPULAR NATUROPATHY TREATMENTS ARE: Nutritional Dietary balance: If one improves his dietary habits then […]

Five Principles on which Naturopathy works

Are you tired of trying all the allopathic methods of treatments and not getting desirable results? Try Naturopathy as it is safe and effective way of treatment but it is necessary to what is it and how it works. As interest for different alternative methods of medical care is growing among people, more and more […]

Pyria can cause brain strokes

If your gums bleed frequently after eating anything or while brushing, and are painful also then the chances are that you are suffering with pyria disease or called Pyaria sometimes. Pyaria is one of the serious gum disease which causes blood and pus like substance coming  out of it. The head of India’s one of […]

Sports News round the World

Cricketer Rohit Sharma gets engaged

Its Rohit Sharma, all rounder of Indian cricket team, who has added his name in the recent list of crickets getting engaged. After his friend and teammate, Suresh Raina tied knot, Rohit also has got engaged to his long time known friend, Ritika. Rohit, who also plays for the Mumbai IPL team, got engaged to […]

Ankit Kesari died after collision on field

What is worse than a sportsman dying on the field of Sports and that also then when he is young and having aspiring dreams in the eyes. The same thing happened with the Twenty-Year-Old Bengal Cricketer Ankit Kesri, who died at the age of twenty only due to the collision with another teammate, Mandal in an […]


Great tips for Internet Shopping

Who says Internet shopping is bad, but we only suggest to first read the tips below to save your time, money and stress… With the emergence of online shopping websites like flipkart, amazon, ebay, snapdeal and many others, shopping has become very easy on the click of a mouse only. You only need internet connection […]

Google to show tweets in search results

Twitter and Google have gone into another collaboration, to renew the deal that had started in 2009 and ended in the year 2011. In 2009, the two had gone through a deal as per which Google would show tweets in the google search which went perfect for two years but later ended on 2011. The […]

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